With the development of hypoglycemic coma, intravenous administration of 60 ml of glucose solution (40%) is indicated.


In most cases, after this, the condition of the diabetic stabilizes. If this does not happen, then after 10 minutes. he is again injected with glucose or glucagon (1 ml subcutaneously).

Hypoglycemia is an extremely dangerous diabetic complication, because it can cause death. At risk are elderly patients with lesions of the heart, brain and blood vessels. A constant decrease in sugar can lead to the appearance of irreversible mental disorders.

Also, the patient's intellect and memory worsen, and the course of retinopathy develops or worsens. Often with diabetes, the sensitivity of cells to insulin decreases. To compensate for carbohydrate metabolism, 100-200 units of cialis are needed. However, this condition occurs not only due to a decrease in the content or affinity of receptors for a protein, but also when antibodies to receptors or a hormone appear. Insulin resistance also develops against the background of protein destruction by certain enzymes or its binding by immune complexes.

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In addition, the lack of sensitivity appears in the case of increased secretion of contra-insulin hormones. This occurs against the background of hypercortinism, diffuse toxic goiter, acromegaly and pheochromocytoma.

In some cases, glucocorticoids are indicated.

The basis of treatment is to identify the nature of the condition. To this end, eliminate the signs of chronic infectious diseases (cholecystitis, sinusitis), diseases of the endocrine glands. The type of insulin is also being replaced or insulin therapy is supplemented by the intake of sugar-lowering tablets.

Sulfated insulin can also be used for insulin resistance. Its advantage is that it does not react with antibodies, has good biological activity and practically does not cause allergic reactions. But when switching to such therapy, patients should be aware that the dose of a sulfated agent, in comparison with a simple type, is reduced to ¼ of the original amount of a conventional drug.

When insulin is administered, complications can vary. So, in some patients there is an allergy, which manifests itself in two forms: Local. The appearance of a fatty, inflamed, itchy papule or hardening at the injection site. Generalized, in which there is urticaria (neck, face), nausea, itching, erosion on the mucous membranes of the mouth, eyes, nose, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, chills, fever. Sometimes anaphylactic shock develops.


To do this, increase the daily dosage of the hormone and prescribe a ten-day treatment with Prednisolone (1 mg / kg). To prevent the progression of allergies, insulin replacement is often performed. For this purpose, the animal hormone is replaced by a human hormone or the manufacturer of the product is changed.


It is worth noting that cialis 20 mg mainly develops not to the hormone itself, but to the preservative used to stabilize it. In this case, pharmaceutical companies can use different chemical compounds.

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If it is not possible to replace cialis drug, then insulin is combined with the introduction of minimal doses (up to 1 mg) of Hydrocortisone.

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